Basswood Shutters

Basswood is a plantation grown timber, which has been used in the Timber Blind industry for many years. Basswood shutters come as completed assembled panel, with all hardware attached, ready to install.

Basswood timber is a light coloured, low-density hardwood with a fine texture and complete lack of taint. The timber is durable, moderately strong, and resistant to splitting. Sawn timber can be used for a variety of purposes: such as furniture, structural work, flooring, window furnishings, etc. Its ability to work, paint, stain, polish, varnish and glue make Basswood an easy timber for our shutter manufactures to use. 

Being a hardwood, the shutters are able to resist marking and denting making it perfect for high use areas.  It provides the best value for money in our solid timber range of shutters.

It is not suitable for use in a high moisture environment such as a bathroom.

These shutters come with our normal 2 year warranty on materials and workmanship. Timber is dried to suit Australian conditions.